Constitution & Strategy




The GESGB will be relevant, useful and beneficial to members at every stage of their careers within the petroleum industry

The GESGB is a collection of members who come together for collective benefit and as such the members are the focus and the measure of the organisation. With the membership at the heart of our management and outputs, we aim to maintain and build the membership. This collection of members will become a GESGB community that will actively participate in the Society by informing, organising, participating and enjoying the services and opportunities offered by the Society.

This Strategy focuses on three overarching areas:

  • Increasing the membership of the organisation
  • Achieving the charitable objects
  • Maintaining a robust organisation

The GESGB is surrounded by opportunity, even during this downturn and it has a great team who have developed their skills over a significant period of time to take advantage of this. This Strategy will inform the direction and the decisions of the different departments and activities that make up the GESGB. It will ensure the GESGB community develops alongside the petroleum exploration industry with the needs of our members at the forefront of our decision making process.