Field Trips

Welcome to the GESGB Field Trips!

Field trips are an integral part of the events organised by the GESGB and are a member only benefit. These trips provide members with the opportunity of coming together in person, outside of their daily working environment. Through this aspect of our Educational Training Programme, we aim to provide hands on experience at sites across the UK at affordable prices with trained professionals.

GESGB is aware of its members’ concerns and would like to reassure you that as your Society we will always work to ensure the highest possible degree of hygiene, safety and medical care at our events.

Upcoming Field Trips

Boulby Mine Field Trip – 11 October 2024
Boulby Mine Field Trip – 1 November 2024

North Sea Core Connections Field Trip – 13 September 2024


Past Field Trips

Drax Power Station Field Trip – 24 May 2024

Boulby Mine Field Trip –  16 June 2023
Boulby Mine Field Trip – 17 November 2023
North Sea Core Connections Field Trip – 8 September 2023

If you are interested in running a field trip please read our Field trip guidelines HERE.

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