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Valuable sessions for GESGB members on interesting topics with well-known speakers within the industry.

21 December 2022 - 31 January 2025

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After numerous requests from our members to access previous Night School recordings, we have now made them available for purchase. This allows our members to continue to benefit from their GESGB membership by enhancing their professional development.

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Please note: the recordings are available to GESGB members only. All information supplied will be reviewed.


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Available Recordings

Night School Recordings 

  1. Non-Seismic Geophysical Methods for O&G Exploration and the Energy Transition: Jonathan Watson & Gary Barnes | 2022
  2. Play Fairway Analysis, Velocity analysis and depth conversion: Alan Foum | 2022
  3. Licence to Operate: Rosalie Constable, Rachel Gavey, Eric Bickel & Steve Pickering | 2022
  4. Geomechanics for hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon energy: Vincenzo De Gennaro | 2022
  5. Structural Geology and Tectonics: Susie Daniels, Richard Jones, John Howell, Jo Garland | 2021
  6. Petroleum Resource Management System (PRMS): Tim Lines | 2021
  7. Time Lapse (4D) Seismic: Mehdi Padayesh | 2021
  8. Petroleum Geology of the Arabian Plate: Peter Webb | 2021
  9. Geomechanics: Vincenzo De Gennnaro | 2021
  10. Business Skills: Steve Pickering, Gavin Ward & Tim Gibbons | 2020
  11. Depth conversion: Alan Atkinson | 2020
  12. Migration and Velocity Model Building: Ian Jones | 2020
  13. Basin analysis and Modelling: Duncan MacGregor | 2020
  14. Geopressure: Peter Webb | 2020
  15. Building the Portfolio: Gavin Ward & Stuart Harker | 2020
  16. Petrophysics: Steve Cannon | 2020

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