Advertise with GESGB

Advertise with GESGB

Advertise and partner with GESGB to reach a specified, engaged and driven audience, with active interest in the energy sector.

The Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain
Our members are geoscience professionals and academics across the world, with particular interest in subsurface energy. Over 50% of our dedicated membership are C-suite professionals in the energy industry.

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Advertising Opportunities

We communicate with our members and non-member following through a variety of
channels including our social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter), our quarterly magazine, monthly eBulletin and targeted email campaigns, as well as our website and membership platform.

Advertising or partnering with us means directly advertising to a specified, engaged and driven audience, with active interest in the energy sector.

Our Reach
• Around 3000 energy professionals and academics
• Over 50% of whom are C-Suite level professionals
• Primarily based in London and Aberdeen, but spread across 6 continents
Highly engaged community on our membership platform
• Specialist groups for particular interests e.g. Sales and Marketing, Geophysics and
Machine Learning (and more)!

This is an actively engaged membership with specific interest and stake in the energy and geoscience sector, perfect for targeted messaging.

Our Following:
• 10,000+ and rapidly rising on LinkedIn
• A growing 1,700+ on Twitter
• Globally based
• Industry professionals, students and young professional
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