Geophysics SIG Meeting – February (Online)

Topic: “Natural hydrogen and the Semail Ophiolite – Geophysical implications”. Speaker: Ian Hutchinson, Member of the Natural Hydrogen Study Group.

27th February 2024


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Event Information

Speaker: Ian Hutchinson, Member of the Natural Hydrogen Study Group

Topic: ‘The search for Natural Hydrogen – role of geophysics’

The presentation will provide an introduction to explain the generic hydrogen system (drawing analogy to the petroleum systems approach). Expanding on the significance of the serpentinisation process, and using examples and case studies, the presentation will illustrate how potential field geophysical methods can be  used to identify the protolith and determine the depth (temperature) conditions of serpentinization in the protolith. Case study examples will include applications of geophysical datasets in intracratonic greenstones, ophiolites and convergent margin settings. The presentation will illustrate the use of traditional seismic methods for imaging hydrogen migration pathways and accumulation in the sedimentary sequence.

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