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2024 GESGB Council Elections: Outreach Director – VOTE NOW!

Thu 12 October 2023

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The GESGB is a membership society that is governed by the members (through the Council) for the benefit of the wider membership.

The Council play a very active role within the society, their ideas, advice, and support are invaluable.  The changes in the world over the last few years have shaped the society. The focus has been on building long-term sustainability of the GESGB and giving the members a voice in its future.


Nominations for our 2024 council are now closed and it is time to vote for your Outreach Director.

Our Special Interest Groups and our Regional Groups take the society directly into the hands of our members, these self-governed groups add enormous value to the member programme and are the reason that many members stay. This role supports these groups, helping get new groups off the ground and supporting groups to maintain their momentum.

  • Responsible for the development and encouragement of the Special Interest Groups and Regional Branches. Supporting all groups with the staging of a Summit for these groups.
  • Reporting on these groups’ activities to the Council.
  • Supporting the staff team in reaching out to the Universities to secure new student members.


Meet the candidates…

Jenni Scott

I’ve been a proud member of the PESGB/GESGB since my time at Imperial on the (now discontinued) ‘Petroleum Geoscience’ MSc course, and throughout my 16 years of membership, the society has continued to provide a unique offering, a way to connect into a broad network of professionals across the UK and internationally, and great value for money.

In 2011, I was part of the original YP committee, where we established initiatives and events that continue today. I’m proud of how we brought together a vibrant community of young professionals, and of the broad network we enabled.

I’m really excited by the role of Outreach Director – I have a lot of energy for the role of the SIGs and RGs in how the society caters to members and brings the community together. I will ensure the thriving groups get what they need to succeed, especially as we celebrate our 60th anniversary year, while also supporting any groups that need reinvigorating. All these groups play such an important role in connecting and upskilling; and are a unique offering that differentiates the GESGB from other bodies.

I want to see the GESGB thrive for another 60 years (and beyond) – something we can only achieve with a funnel of new members from across the geoscience energy landscape. As part of Outreach, I would like to re-establish and deepen the relationships with the UK’s universities and students; and showcase the benefits of GESGB membership.

The role of ‘outreach’ goes further than the SIGs and universities. The Society needs to continue its outreach the wider community, to educate, listen and build trust. With our expanded scope, there is also the opportunity to be a hub connecting the various spokes of energy geoscience, linked into the new ecosystem of energy professionals and professional communities. Building these broader connections will be a key deliverable for my time if successful.

In the GESGB’s diamond year, it’s important more than ever for the community to come together and display the full spectrum of what the society has to offer. I hope that I will have that opportunity as the society’s Outreach director.



Jon Wix

Having been a member of the GESGB since 1997, I think it’s about time I gave something back to an organization which has given me so much over the years!For those who don’t know me, I am a Geoscientist with over 35 years’ experience in our industry, gained both in the UK and internationally. I am currently Geoscience Director with BorchWix Energy Advisors and based in Twickenham, southwest London.

Having worked for both oil and gas companies and on the consultancy side of our industry, I would like to think that I can bring my experience to help the GESGB team in general and with the Outreach element of the Society’s work in particular.

A little about my career for you. Prior to establishing BorchWix in May 2020, I worked in London from 2012 within both the Transactional Advisory / Commercial Services and Subsurface Groups of Senergy / Lloyd’s Register. In 2009 my Geoscience Management role relocated from Senergy’s London office to Abu Dhabi where I was part of the small team responsible for establishing and running the Middle East office.

I joined Senergy precursor company Reservoir Management Limited in London in 2004, having previously worked internationally and in the UK for Gaffney, Cline and Associates, Marathon Oil, Petrobras UK, Chevron and Amerada Hess. I started my career with Seismograph Service Limited in the UK and Oman.

I consider that as Outreach Director my role would be to support and strengthen both the Special Interest Groups and the Regional Branches, and importantly to look to new avenues for our Society to broaden its engagement with UK society in general. This latter point is particularly relevant as our industry moves forward into the Energy Transition.

I see it as our duty to inform and educate the public about the energy related issues we all face together and the part that we Geoscience Professionals are playing in rising to the many challenges we face. If elected, I will also use my extended network and broad experience to help the Society and the Council reach sound decisions across their full remit.

It would be a privilege to serve on your GESGB Council for 2024!





Lauren Mayhew

My relationship with the GESGB began even before I started university, I experienced my first Stoneley lecture as a teenager and attended my first PETEX conference whilst I was still studying for my A-Levels.

The society then became a central part to my university education, giving me opportunities for networking that I never would have had otherwise.

As outreach director, I would seek to ensure that as many of the new members of the society as possible have as incredible an experience as I have been lucky enough to have had.

In the relatively short time since I graduated, the energy sector has changed massively, and it is even more critical now that we engage with the public, and particularly those embarking on a career in geoscience, to work towards a sustainable future.

I spent the first year of my career working as a consultant geologist, before moving to Cairn, where I spent for four years as a geoscientist within the UK, Mexico and Suriname teams.

I am now working as an Analyst in the Middle East and North Africa team for Welligence Energy Analytics, based in Edinburgh.




GESGB members cast your vote HERE

Voting will close on Friday 17 November 2023, 5PM