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Africa Conference – meet the key note speakers – Mcafee, Anne

Thu 24 August 2017

Category: Africa


Anne McAfee is a Senior Geological Advisor with Core Lab’s Regional Studies Group in the UK.  She has acted as lead geologist on numerous multi-client regional studies, with emphasis initially on South Atlantic Margin Basins of West Africa and Brazil, followed by East African Basins and more recently Central Atlantic and North Atlantic Margins. Anne has 29 years industry experience and holds a PhD in sedimentology from University College Cork, Ireland.




See ‘Controls on Sand Supply & Seal Quality in Cretaceous Deepwater Reservoirs along the Equatorial Atlantic Margin from Ghana to Guyana.’ At 10.45 on Friday the 1st September at the Africa Conference see the full programme here

This talk will provide a summary of the main controls on sedimentation patterns and reservoir quality along the Equatorial Atlantic Margin based on core, cuttings and well log data from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana on the West African Margin, with comparisons to conjugate margin basins in Equatorial Brazil and further west into Suriname and Guyana.  Systematic sedimentological evaluation of the full drilled succession in wells across this margin reveals that the inherited intrabasinal structural architecture had a strong controlling influence on the location of sand feeder systems during both the syn-rift and post-rift (passive margin) phases of basin evolution. Although many rift basins show a general correlation between the location of fluvial axes and topographic lows associated with transfer fault trends, the transform margin basins appear to show enhanced structural control on sediment pathways due to significant phases of transpression which created complex intrabasinal topography. Well to well facies patterns provide evidence of linkage between continental transfer faults and active oceanic transform faults in the early post-rift phase, leading to strong segmentation of the basins and creation of preferred sand dispersal routes from hinterland rivers to the slope channel/canyon and fan systems which form major exploration targets in the deepwater basins.