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Pitch your Prospect: Simwell Resources

Tue 18 October 2016

Category: Exhibition, Pitch Your Prospect, Prospex

Licence P2256 and P2300: Zechstein Potential in the SNS


The blocks are located within the Permian Zechstein carbonate play fairway promoted by the Oil and Gas Authority at the 2015 PROSPEX conference. Leads have been identified within the Zechstein Hauptdolomit (Z2) Formation with individual lead resources of up c. 200 bcf. The blocks also have the potential to extend the Lower Carboniferous play fairway proven in the Breagh and Crosgan Fields. Individual Carboniferous prospects in the Fell Sandstone and Scremerston Sandstone Formations have prospective resources of up to 2.5 tcf.

The lower Zechstein (Z2) Hauptdolomit carbonate play has long been successful in the Polish and German margins of the Southern Permian Basin but is woefully underexplored in the offshore UK sector, even though there have been numerous encouraging well results. Mapping on the current 2D seismic has identified 8 Hauptdolomit leads represented by carbonate build-ups with thicknesses in excess of 750ft.

For further information download the flyer from and visit Simwell at PROSPEX 2016 on Booth 14

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