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Tales from Early Oil Exploration

Tue 23 January 2024

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In the early 2000s the GESGB or PESGB, as it was known then, published a book for the Society’s 40th Anniversary. The contributors were esteemed members of the Society and together they created ‘Tales from Early Oil Exploration’.

This book is a must read for all those with an interest in the birth of the UK oil industry, which is a bit of a problem as the book has not been in print for many years.

For our Diamond Anniversary we will be making the book available digitally for the members to read, alongside the historic society newsletters and a wealth of field trip guides going back decades.

All these things will be available for members to enjoy on the GESGB website in a dedicated area as part of the Diamond Anniversary celebrations.

A brief history of the Oil and Gas industry and a timeline of significant events

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Diamond Anniversary