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Your 2023 Director Aberdeen Elect

Wed 26 October 2022

Meet your 2023 Director Aberdeen Elect, Andrew Miles. As Andrew ran uncontested, he will automatically take on the role.

“I am pleased to be standing for the Director Elect Aberdeen position on Council, having been an active member of the society in both London and Aberdeen since 2013. During this time, I have benefitted greatly from both the technical and social opportunities within the society and have served as a member of the Young Professionals committee in Aberdeen. I am keen to continue the excellent work of Andrea and the wider PESGB team in delivering the Aberdeen events programme, including supporting the delivery of Devex, which made a great return at the P&J Live this year.

I am currently working as a Development Geologist for Harbour Energy, which I joined following the merger with Premier Oil in 2021. Prior to this I worked as a geologist for Premier Oil on assets in the North Sea, Falkland Islands and Mexico. I stumbled upon a career in geology through my love of the outdoors and spending time in the mountains, and away from the office I can usually be found exploring the granite peaks of the Cairngorms, either by bike or on foot.

The Aberdeen subsurface community is uniquely placed to be at the centre of the evolving energy transition, and I will look to strengthen the society’s links to these growing low carbon industries, whilst continuing to champion the oil and gas exploration and production at the core of our society.”