President Elect



Steve Laux | President Elect

Council Member of the GESGB

The role of President Elect is to support the president during their year in office in anticipation of the President Elect taking on the role. This role is specific to the GESGB.

In addition to the general responsibilities of a council member, duties of the president elect include the following:

  • The President Elect is responsible for organising the annual elections that fill the rotating positions on the Council. Ensuring the election is viewed positively and the roles available are contested.
  • The President Elect represents the member’s interests to the council and ensures their views are always considered.
  • When the president is not available the president elect will chair the meetings of the Council.
  • President Elect takes responsibility for scheduling the London Evening Lecture programme with a minimum of 4 lectures always programmed ahead on the GESGB website.

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