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Post-AGM report

Following the AGM, we are very pleased to announce that around 50% of our members decided to have their say and participated in binding Name Change Vote over the summer. We are also delighted to convey that over 77% of those voting members also decided that the name of your Society should change. The vote was carried out in accordance with the strict requirements of the Charity Commission with a significant hurdle of 75% voting members required to support a change. We have exceeded that threshold.

Of the two options presented to ‘yes-voting’ members, an overwhelming 67% chose the Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain (GESGB) as the new name for our Society. This name draws upon our unique identity, remembering the early North Sea explorers who founded the Society in 1964. With the members making the decision, we are proud to say that we will become the GESGB in 2023. This also reflects a broader reach of the Society’s activities today compared to when the Society was founded c. 60 years ago.

Oil and gas will remain core to the Society and will sit firmly at the centre of our heritage. Evolving into the GESGB recognises this and positions your Society for an exciting long-term future.

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